About Distilled Sunlight

Wine GlassDistilled Sunlight brings wine appreciation and knowledge to the everyday wine lover. No snobbery or pretentiousness allowed. Wine has a long, complicated, and thrilling history, inextricably entwined with human history; if Neolithic man could enjoy wine, so can you! Distilled Sunlight aims to demystify the culture and lifestyle around wine drinking and create an inclusive community for wine drinkers of all levels and involvement.

Distilled Sunlight was conceptualized and founded by Hannah Wolf during her Ph.D. studies. She discovered that most information, drinking opportunities, and retailers and their offerings of wine are geared towards highly involved wine drinkers, completely ignoring the everyday wine drinker. Distilled Sunlight was born from Hannah’s desire to show others wine is a luxury everyone can enjoy and appreciate, regardless of their level of expertise.

Distilled Sunlight Wine and Food PairingsDistilled Sunlight publishes articles on everything wine related; from how to properly open a bottle of Champagne, how to pair your favorite comfort food recipe with a bottle of French Bordeaux, to common terms to know about wine to impress your friends at the next cocktail party. Distilled Sunlight also offers advice and pairings for two of the greatest pleasures in life: food and wine. Distilled Sunlight gives you a community where you can ask questions from the experts, discuss your new favorite wine with other community members, and participate in the wine lifestyle. Everything you want to know about wine, food, and wine lifestyle is here.